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The Summercamp-Countdown is on: only a few weeks until it starts!! Book your place now!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        We are looking forward to welcoming YOU here in Lindau!! All information here

Best Way to Learn German


Morning and Afternoon Courses

Adults 16+

How to learn German - all-year German courses in Germany.

Our intensive German language courses for beginners and advanced learners quickly improve the basic skills of reading, listening and writing. Moreover they train each person's ability to confidently speak German. How to learn German fast: For even faster progress, we recommend to benefit from our afternoon programme in addition to the intensive German language courses in the morning. Our highly skilled language trainers teach you the best way to learn German.


from 170 EURO/week


telc exams/TestDaF exams

We are a certified testing centre for telc LANGUAGE TESTS.

We prepare you for wide range of tests of recognized institutions like telc language tests and TestDaF Institut. Since we are a certified examination center for telc language tests and TestDaF Institut, we can carry out all tests directly in our house. Take advantage of our convenient inhouse servies as a certified testing centre. We also offer exams needed for success at an advanced academic level or tests for specialists seeking employment in the field of medicine, nursing or geriatric care.


from 80 EURO
New from 17.10.17

Evening course

Adults 18+

We offer job accompanying from October, on Tuesday and Thursday evening from 07.00 till 08.30 pm, German for beginners and advanced. In small groups with maximum 11 participants, we will improve your speaking, listening, writing and reading. 

Further to that will be a conversation course with all senses every Tuesday evening from 08.30 pm in the „Cafe Lingua” in the old Zollhalle. One time the topic will be wine, the other time music or literature. However, one thing is for sure, every week will be a new theme and in a relaxed atmosphere, you will learn new vocabulary in a fun way. This lesson is level comprehensive.

150,- EURO/8 weeks

Special offers of our school

Erasmus+ sponsored

German for teachers

and school stuff from abroad

The Erasmus+ supported program attaches importance on sustainability at the training of teachers and school stuff from abroad. Next to standardized German courses for the participants, dialoge also offers tailor-made methodic courses and the ability to work in German schools.

The participants get suitable tools to apply different learning strategies in schools in their home country.



price on request
Individual online training

For groups and classes

of 5 - 45 participants

dialoge offers tailor-made group courses for school classes with 20 or 25 units à 45 Minutes per week. On the language level customized lessons will take place in groups of 10 – 15 participants.

To guarantee an effective language exchange, the stay includes an accommodation in a German host family as well as a culture and leisure program with excursions, museum visits and sporty as well as socially activity’s.



price on request
Work & Study

Work & Study

job accompanying learning

You like kids and you would like to learn German in the morning, and in the afternoon; you want to be part of a family? Than make an application for our Demi-pair program. In our Demi-pair program, you will live in a kind host family, who will give you breakfast and warm dinner. For that, you will not pay anything. In return, you will take care of the children and you will help your family with small house holding work.

Or, do you want to work in the touristic branch. We convey you a Seasonal job in the touristic branch. There you will use your language knowledge and deepen it, you will also get special knowledge in the touristic branch.

price on request
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