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Many skilled and unskilled workers strive for a future career in Germany. We offer a large mentoring programme to immigrants who want to arrive in the middle of our society.

Integration is a long and sometimes complicated process. In order for it to be a success, external motivation and expertise can be helpful from time to time. On one hand, we support companies’ human resource managers with the integration of new employees. On the other hand, we provide immigrants with advice and practical help.

Our coaches have many years of experience with integration work, are well connected with all the relevant organisations and authorities, and can refer to the highest degree of intercultural competence in their work. Even if things don’t go smoothly - we will support, we will communicate, we will suggest solutions, we will illustrate perspectives. 


This service may be booked by

  • Companies and human resources managers that want to provide a successful start for their new foreign employees
  • Foreign employees who want to integrate in Germany
  • Supporters, friends, family members of immigrants


Each start can be difficult

We support the immigrant during appointments at authorities and the doctor, we help to find regional free time and cultural offerings, we are there for you when problems or worries occur or mediate in cases of conflict.

  • We support immigrants during their first six months in Germany.
  • We give intercultural trainings that make integration easier.
  • We stay in touch with the client, respond to concerns and needs, and we adopt the mediation role if needed.


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